Dublin/San Ramon CPR Classes

CPR Classes in Dublin, CA

Dublin is our newest location that offers American Heart Association BLS renewal, CPR, ACLS, and first-aid certification classes. Since we are located right on the cross roads of 680 and 580 in the East Bay, it is easy to find our location from Livermore, Pleasanton, or Hayward. Classes are offered during the week or on weekends and all students will receive their certification card on the day of the training.

American Heart Association CPR

Here are a few reasons why students love taking their class with us.

1. You don’t pay for the class until you arrive. 
Keep your money in your pocket. I know most CPR schools like to take the money up front, but we are very relaxed. You don’t need to pay for your CPR Class until the day of the course.

2. Cancellation Policy – None. 
If you register for a class and do not show up, you do not pay for the course. Most of our students like this policy.  A lot of CPR training schools have tough cancellation policies, such as you must give 7 days notice, or else you lose your money. But I understand people can get busy, you get called in to work at the last minute, or a child becomes sick. So don’t worry. You can cancel your class any time, but if you cannot make the class, it would be nice if you can let us know. Your email confirmation has a small button with a cancel button. Just click that link and you are removed from the class.

3. You will receive you certification card on the same day.
Actually this is one of the number one features that our students are excited about. After successful completion of the course, you will receive the American Heart Association certification card to take home with you. Most other schools must mail out the card which can take 2-3 weeks until you receive it.

4. Large comfortable classroom/Free soda, granola bars, tea, coffee
CPR training is hard work and you will have a lot of practice time during the AHA courses. We have two large rooms for our training: the classroom with comfortable chairs, desks, and large screen TV, and a reception room with coffee, tea, granola bars, water, etc. You will not feel cramped in this CPR training classroom. And there is lots of free parking.

Email:  classroom@safetytrainingseminars.com

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Book Policy
All students are required to have the appropriate textbook for the American Heart Association classes. If you arrive without the textbook, you can purchase one from us. The price is $20 for the BLS, CPR, First-aid, or Pediatric First-aid. The ACLS and PALS books cost $50 each. If you are taking a Heartcode eLearning class, you do not need to buy a textbook.

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